Instagram is making me a lazy blogger, and an absentee photographer.  It makes it a little too easy to snap a quick pic on the iPhone and post it for all the world to see with a mere half caption and vuala, you're done!  It is both wonderful and horrible at the same time.  I get it, I do.  Pictures are worth a thousand words right?  But sometimes a thousand words can be fun to read.. just sayin'.

Yesterday I went to B & H's school to have some fun mommy and me time in celebration of Mother's Day.  It was adorable and SO much fun to spend some great quality time with them in their classrooms.  They presented me with "classmade" gifts and plenty of hugs and kisses.  Made my week! :)
Princess P had a nasty 103.6 fever the other day.  B decided to stay with her until she fell asleep.. can you say precious?!  I love these sweet sister moments!
Speaking of growing up, check out the new jack-o-lantern in our little clan!  I swear this girl looses a new tooth every week!
I have a love-hate relationship with technology.  LOVE it until it takes away too much of our precious time to actually interact with one another.. not cool.  We took matters into our own hands and made a family game of "Angry Fruit" to stick it to the man. :)  *Highly recommended!
The many faces of Angry Birds success and concentration:
With B & H off to school, L & P get a nice paint filled morning with mom.  Call me biased, but these little artists are just ADORABLE!!!
Cat vs. peacock.  The Throwdown: Talk smack. Analyze beak potential. Settle for leftovers. Poor kitty!  That must have been some amazing cat food..
"Fresh" honey takes on a whole new meaning.. The irony!
Proof of the nastiest mosquito bite I've ever seen!  What kind of possessed creature would bite a poor girl on the nose?!  It looked broken for almost 2 weeks! :(
Another "need to update": my new craft room!!!
One tuckered out little boy!  Is that not the CUTEST sleeping pose you have ever seen?!
Princess P's first haircut. Courtesy of yours truly :)
My first attempt at homemade cheesecake?  SUCCESS!!! :)
All of these little tidbits of information.  Do they make it easier or harder?  I must admit, I am conflicted.. but whatever the prognosis, I am glad to have the memories! :)

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