Triple Threat

You see?  I keep my promises!! ;)  Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for..  presenting, Princess P's 3rd birthday (3months late..)!!!  I can hear the squeals and shrieks of excitement already ;)

The day started off like any other birthday morning in the Hooley household with the infamous breakfast in bed!  (Don't mind my focusing on the food rather than her sweet face.. apparently I was hungry or something!) 
Gma gave her the hookup with a sweet wooden castle which she LOVED!!
For lunch we went to Mickey D's and she was in her glory having me all to herself! ;)
After a loooong day of patiently waiting it was present time :)  With so many siblings she was spoiled properly:
The icing on the cake was her new LeapPad - her older counterparts have had theirs for over a year and she realized she'd been jipped quite a ways back!
 May I take a moment to explain this sad excuse for a cake??  With the movers only days away, we had been clearing out the pantry.. I was out of sugar and everything I needed to make icing, and I had this lovely jar of jelly from the US that I didn't want to throw away.. so yes, I slopped a jar of jelly on my 3yr olds birthday cake.. does that make me a bad mom?  Or maybe just a slacker??  Sorry P.. desperate times ;P
This sweet girl has brought so much joy into our family!  I could write a book of stories on her and her silly antics and personality traits, but alas, I will share only 3:

1 - SPUNK!!  I've yet to meet her match!  She keeps us on her toes with her quick and witty (at times sassy!) comments.  She has SO much personality for such a little thing, and my word is she SMART!!  You can't pull one over on her - she'll call your bluff and make you eat it too!  LOVE this little turkey I do! ;)
2 - LAUGH.  It's mischievous meets villain meets a whole lotta crazy and it is so stinkin hilarious you just can't help but join in! (See video below!)
3 - TEASE.  I didn't realize a child could be sarcastic but she LOVES to tease and torment, and she thinks she's just as funny as everyone else seems to (minus her brothers who she has figured out how to make cry).  It takes a lot of confidence to take on the "big kids"! ;)

I ADORE this girl and the laughs, smiles, and drama that she brings into our lives!!  There's never a dull moment with her and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Happy (belated) birthday Princess!!

EXTRA:  You know how people say to nap while the new baby is napping??  Well, I honestly can't remember the last time that was ever a possibility!  Lol, my attempt at a nap a few months after Baby C was born turned into a hand sanitizer attack like you've never seen!  Thanks P for making sure we stay clean and keep the baby healthy.. that was her intent, right?? ;)


  1. I know I already watched this while on the phone with you yesterday, but I just HAD to watch it again this morning. Can't stop laughing!!! Love and adore our little Princess P!!! :0)

    1. Welcome to my every day! She's hilarious - definitely keeps life exciting ;)