On the road again...

Well, Brandon is officially gone... he left for Michigan Wednesday morning and we already miss him SO much!:( The kids and I are doing alright - hopefully the time will pass quickly.:) It's strange, we feel kind of homeless this way. Brandon "lives" in Michigan now, but without myself and the kids it isn't quite "home" yet. And, although I still live in our "home" I feel oddly misplaced now... He will be visiting every 2-3 weeks which will definitely help!:) On a happier note, on Tuesday, we made as many family "Phoenix" memories as we could! We took the kids to the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium and had a BLAST!!! Enjoy some of our pictures!:)


  1. Ok this might sound weird since I've lived here all my life, but where is the aquarium? Is it at the zoo?

  2. lol - no worries I didn't know about it either.. It just opened and is now a two for one admission at the Wildlife World Zoo!:) SO fun!!!

  3. I love all these pictures! Looks like everyone had a great day! See you soon!!! :0)