...and how was your evening??

I should have known better.. it was the too-instant calm before the storm really. Yesterday I was ridiculously sick with strep but was blessed with an all too rapid release from pain once I started taking the antibiotics last night. The Lord says he'll never give you more than you can handle.. I should have known something was up when I suddenly felt fine again this afternoon!

In talking with Brandon, he notified me that the realtor would be coming any day to take pictures of our home to put it on the market. As any honest home owner can admit, I have a rather long "fix it" list to accomplish BEFORE that happens! First on the list was filling in nail holes and touching up scuffed paint. I went into the hall closet to retrieve the paint and heard some scuffling behind the cans... don't get me wrong, we've had a mouse before (product of a dog who doesn't eat all of her food and lets it sit outside all night.. bizarre animal!). However, in the past, Brandon has been home to do the dirty work! So, I panicked and did what any woosy girl would do... I called my neighbor who grew up on a farm and is way more woman than I'll ever be!:)

So, here's a picture of my neighbor, and new best friend Stacie.. only she can look so good accessorizing with a mouse nest (made out of what used to be my paint throws)! Long story short, after pulling out all of my paint cans, and other "stuff", the little booger (aka the mouse) ran out and into my laundry room under the dryer!
With all the commotion, we caught Bailey's attention.. she came running over to check out what was going on, and tripped over our paint can "barricade" we had made for mousey. Well... how fun would a paint can knock over be without a gallon of paint spilling out all over your carpet for everyone to see?! ..and not just any paint mind you.. PINK paint.. pretty...:P (*this is the picture BEFORE I tried scooping it up with a dust pan.. the saturated area at least doubled in size after that!)
And now you're asking yourself, "what on earth did you do?!".. well, we groaned for about half a second, but mainly laughed because really.. what else is there to do??? SO.. I did the only logical thing I could think of: I called one of my best friends with 5 children who owns not only every cleaning gadget in the universe but knows how to use them too!:) Ashleigh came running to the rescue with helpful tips on cleaning and her incredible Spot Bot(everyone with children NEEDS one of these - I'm a believer)! After a good oh 1.5-2 hours (really, I lost track of all time), I have to admit, the once painted carpet looks even better than the rest of it... THANK YOU ASHLEIGH!!!
After the festivities died down, I retrieved Hunter out of his room (I had put him there for safe keeping.. and because I already had WAY too much commotion around me)! Of course he had a massive diarrhea diaper (and why not?!) and needed a bath PRONTO. Then, I rescued Landon who also had some bowel issues.. all over my bed. Wow. So, I ask you.. how was your evening???:)

On a different note, last night Bailey lined up all of her favorite animals to "watch her sleep".:)
And.. can you believe how big Landon is getting?! I have to admit, I am SO blessed! Even if we do have our CRAZY evenings!:)

..and for those dying to know.. we never did catch our little friend this evening.. but he's blocked in the laundry room with only one place to go. But not to worry, it's one of those humane "catch and release" traps, and while the little sucker is in there, he'll be enjoying a feast of delicious peanut butter.. YUM YUM! Bon apetit little buddy!:P


  1. Wow! What a night. I am so sorry! Thank heavens for good friends?!

  2. What an eventful evening, its true there is nothing more to do than laugh! I can't believe the paint came out of the carpet, that is impressive! I hope tomorrow is a better day!

  3. OK...now I'm even more sorry that I left for home on Tuesday. (To help with the paint cleanup that is, Stacie STILL would have been called in for mouse control...EEK!) ASHLEIGH and STACIE, thanks for being such great friends to my daughter!!!

  4. I ditto what Shane and Stephanie said, "Wow!" I don't know how you stayed calm during the whole situation. You're an amazing human being :)

  5. WOW, when it rains it pours doesn't it? I am also VERY impressed you were able to get the paint out of the carpet. I would have given up :) I hope this isn't how it's going to be with Brandon gone. We love you guys!

  6. Erin, Autumn and I love to read you blog, it keeps us very entertained. :) Also, Autumn wants you to write in our blog because she says you do a way better job than her. :)