Answered Prayers

I'm embarrassed to admit that I made it no secret that I wasn't particularly looking forward to moving our family to the frozen tundra, otherwise known as Michigan.:) Isn't it incredible the ways the Lord humbles us?...

When I was pregnant with Bailey, I bought numerous "how to" books, determined to be the best mother humanly possible! I read ONE cover to cover before she was born, and the remainder began collecting dust on the shelf as my "free time" began to lessen by the day. In my final hours in Arizona, I actually remembered to grab a few things to kep me busy on our road trip back east during those quite moments. I grabbed the little stack of neglected books in the nick of time before they were shoved into a box and thrown on a big van. The book that I attempted first was called "Homespun Memories from the Heart". I had never before opened the cover, let alone read this book in the past 3 1/2+ years it had been decorating my shelf... imagine my surprise when I began to read, that the book was written by 3 women who reside in Michigan! The entire book is filled with seasonal ideas on how to create lasting memories centered in Christ for your family. All of these memories were referenced to the amenities local to those residing in, you guessed it... MICHIGAN!!! I couldn't help but cry as I engulfed the entire book, and fell in love with a place I had never seen.

I am so grateful that the Lord knew almost 4 years ago, that this is where we would end up, and prompted me to buy the book, hold on to it and grab it for the road trip that I was dreading, headed to a place that I was determined to hate. I thank the Lord for answering a prayer that I was to proud to pray! I miss Arizona and know it will always hold a special place in my heart, but I am also ready now to call Michigan "home". :)

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