When did THAT happen?!

So I'm at Home Depot getting yet another gallon of paint, when the man behind the paint counter says, "Excuse me young lady..". I turned to see what he wanted and he smiled and said, "Sorry ma'am, I was actually talking to your daughter. Not that you aren't young too..." WHAT?! Not that I don't appreciate the respect that comes with a "ma'am", but when did I become the ma'am, and my DAUGHTER the young lady?! Note to self: "young lady" - no longer me!:( ...wow...

So, here's a picture of "Miss Ma'am" and her "young lady"! lol:)


  1. That is hilarious. I wouldn't like being called ma'am either! That picture is really great though. You look really pretty :)I hope everything is going well in Michigan!

  2. Oh my gosh haha whatever you are still a young lady. Your only 24!!!!!!! or 25???? Anyway thats sooo dang young. I loved your pictures of the kids in the bubble bath. That is soooo hilarious!