A new start...

MY NEW PRESCHOOL ROOM!!! This is what the kids see as they come down the basement stairs...
Here's the main playroom and circle time area:
I have a separate room for their seated work time, crafts, lunch, etc. which is WONDERFUL!
Anyways, pretty fun! It's not completely done, but getting there! It's exciting to see the progress that's being made!:) I can't wait for the school year to begin!!!


  1. The rooms look amazing! Shyanne misses you guys, but is excited for preschool to start again soon!

  2. Erin your preschool rooms look amazing!! I wish we lived closer because I would for sure have Karsen go to preschool taught by you! :-)

  3. Your house looks amazing inside! I love all the custom painting you've done. Hope you have a fun rest of the summer :)