People ask me all the time, "Does Peyton look like Bailey?". Well, I have my own de-ja-vu opinions.. but pictures recap memories so much better! :)

Here's Peyton at about 6 weeks on her blesing day:
Here's Bailey at about 6 weeks (imagine her mouth closed..):
Peyton on her blessing day again:
Here's Bailey on her blessing day.. she was about 2.5-3months here, but you can see her little facial features really well:
So.. what do you think?! :)


  1. Seriously! That's crazy! They could be twins.

  2. I see a lot of similarities, :O) They are ADORABLE!!! Anxious to have you come to Elko this summer.... I visit teach Hydee Spencer whose daughter wears the head bands, etc.... you sell, :O) Small world, Aunt Lauren

  3. I am SO glad I have the internet again so I can keep up with you guys again. Looking at yor blog brought tears to my eyes. I MISS you guys. I hate not being in Utah when you guys come for your visits now. Love you guys tons!