Playing catch up

Well, I've been putting this off long enough... There's SO much to tell! Brandon and I figured if we are going to drive 3 days to see family, we were going to make it worth our while! The entire month of July in Utah seemed worth while enough to me! :) The kids were truly FABULOUS in the car, and to reward them, they were spoiled royally by three adoring grandmas!!!

We bounced around a bit, but stared off at Grandma Roberts' house, then went for a weekend boating trip in Elko with the De Groot side and my Aunt Lauren. Then it was back to Grandma Roberts' for more fun with cousins, on to Grandma De Groot's, then a Hooley family reunion up Ephrain Canyon (we went "camping" in a beautiful trailor with AC... HEAVEN!). All in all, a splendid vacation visiting family and old friends. You'll notice, the slide show below excludes the camping trip with the Hooley family, but no worries, I'll share those pictures too once I get a copy of them. :) ENJOY!!!

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