Howdy Partner!

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Johnson family for hosting their AWESOME Barbn Dance last night! It was so much fun mixing and mingling with good friends, and making new ones too! :)

My kids LOVED their horses! I can't imagine how big a full grown horse must seem to a child!

Even Peyton was able to get up close and personal with the mighty beasts! I hope all my kids will love horses as much as their mom! Brandon promised me a horse someday.. I told Bailey (who also LOVE them) and between the two of us, I don't think he'll get off the hook that easy! ;)

The Johnson's hired a man to teach square dancing to everyone who wanted to learn. Bailey and Brandon had a BLAST dancing together (even though it was CRAZY hot!).

Before we headed out, we attempted a family shot... this is as good as it was gonna get!

We had such a blast, and made some great memories! It's times like these that you just want to last forever!!! :)


  1. I'm SO glad you are still blogging!! Since I'm not on facebook I miss out on some of the fun family stories. We miss you guys!! I keep telling Any we need to plan a trip out to see you guys again. This party looked like SO much fun!! Hope all is well. We love you guys

  2. Love the pictures!! Looks like you had a great time. I always wanted a horse when I was young too I love them :) Hopefully you will get one!