Dear Grandma,

Dear Grandma(s),

My mommy has been SUPER busy lately and really dropped the "capture every milestone" ball... it's probably hiding somewhere under mounds of tulle! But not to worry, it looks like she's finally caught up with the craziness, and all of the Halloween costumes (307 to be exact) are in the hands of their rightful owners rather than decorating our now less than colorful home. But it's okay, because although I enjoyed looking at the vibrant colors, it always made me sad when mommy told me I couldn't eat her hard work.. :( What's up with that?!

Alas, I have been growing like CRAZY - sitting up, crawling, and even starting to eat small finger foods! Can you believe I am 6 1/2 months old now?! As for my siblings, about a month ago Bailey decided she was big enough for no training wheels. She's doing GREAT and looks way bigger than mommy and daddy would like her to be! I guess it made Hunter want to be big too, because he finally showed interest in his bike and is riding like a pro (with training wheels to his dismay)! This makes Landon happy, since he now has the push car all to himself! Anyways, mommy pulled out the camera to capture the sweet moment of Bailey showing Hunter how to pedal on his bike around the cul-de-sac. She got some really great shots, but you'll never see them... you see, she came out to play with us and put her camera on top of her car! I guess she's been so busy that she's been forgetting things and left it up there. Errands had to be run of course, (we eat a LOT over here!), and we haven't seen our lovely camera since! :(

Today, I guess mommy couldn't take it anymore because she got out her old junky camera (which she despises!) so she could get a cute picture of me before I decide to start walking.. it's not fantastic quality, but, I guess it'll do until daddy buys mommy a new camera for Christmas... ;)

Love you!
Love, Peyton :)


  1. Erin...what a cute story!! The kids are growing up way to fast and I am sure changing everyday. Speaking of changing, I can't get over the change in Peyon!!!! What a big girl she is and beautiful like her sister and Mommy! I hope you get a new camara soon to capture more of those moments :) So fun to read...Love and Miss you Ev

  2. I can't believe she is already 6 months old!! She is still a newborn in my eyes :( I hope we can see you guys before she moves away to college! Love you all give the kids a hug from us!

  3. What a Sweetheart!! My goodness how cute you are! This Grammy and Grandpa can't belive how much you have grown Peyton! Your sister is sure growing up fast too! Riding a bike alone is super great! Hunter riding with training wheels is very cool! Landon I can't belive you are turning the BIG 2! Where does the time go! We hope you have a Very Very Happy Halloween Little Lady Bug, Rainbow Butterfly and the Two Big Bug Catchers! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! Grammy and Grampa Roberts