All About Me

May.  It's my month baby!  Mother's Day AND my birthday.. you just can't go wrong!  It's major OD on "spoil mom" time and I must say, I kinda like it. ;)  Mother's Day 2012 started of with breakfast in bed and a whole bunch of kids to share it with!  Don't mind the turban, I had barely jumped out of the shower..
At church, the 3 oldest got up with the Primary and I was serenaded in both Portuguese and English song.  Did I cry?  Yes I did.  Upon arriving home, the kids bombarded me with presents, cards, homemade pictures and LOTS of sweet sweet kisses! :)
My word I love these crazy kids!
A mere week and a half later we celebrated my birthday.  This time, breakfast in bed came as I was getting ready to jump in the shower.. The kids were too excited to wait and gave me all my gifts right then and there! Lol
For dinner?  Pizza baby!  The REAL kind!  It costs a pretty penny out here too (R$50 EACH!), so this is a very rare and special treat!
My lovely brigadeiro cake with candles that read the secret number.. ;)  Can you see it? 
YES, I held the camera and took pictures of my hubby walking toward me singing..
But how else would I have gotten this oh-so-classic "get away from your mother's cake!" shot?! :D
I wonder if every mother has as many eager volunteers as I do? 
Trying to get a picture with the kiddos proved very candid and true.  This is the Hooley family.  And I love 'em JUST the way they are! :)
And there is no better gift than that!


  1. Your family is so cute. So sweet of your kids to want to help you out with the candles. lol Happy 27 Erin. :)

  2. this is so cool! His family seems so united and happy! Congrats! =)