Comings & Goings

I could go into all the details of how and why this post slipped from my grasp so long ago.. but really, who wants all the details of our rather psychotic decision to end the school year and jump on a plane to the grand ole US of A in the same afternoon?  After 6 weeks in the States (AMAZING! ..and yes, details to come..), let's just say that I'm slightly backed up on my 2,000+ photos, and the stories that go with them, at the moment!

Anyhoo, back to the task at hand.  The last day of school.. *Sigh*  Emotional mommy moments with plenty of tears? Check. ..yep, that pretty much sums up the day!  Miss B graduated from Kindergarten.  Am I ok with this?  Not really, but I was SO proud of her that I allowed it to happen anyways.  Here's the sweet girl with her AMAZING teachers:
This lovely lady lives in our building and was there for the last half of the school year as an additional assistant - B attached quickly and more than once tried to sneak up the elevator for a visit.. sneaky sneaky! ;)
My handsome man H is no longer a "half day" after this.  He had two of the best teachers in the school.  And that's no exaggeration!  Thankfully, he gets to stay with them until he too moves on to 1st grade.
The hubster and I were able to meet with the kids at school for an end of the year celebratory picnic.  I think this is the only picture of me where I don't look like the blubbery mess of a mom that I am.
Is it just me or are these two almost eerily alike?? 
Miss B and one of those little friends you always want around!
Mr H doing his thang and flirting with the girls.. at least this one is his age! ;)
I explained to B that she could have her teachers sign her yearbook and maybe a friend or two if she wanted (it is Kindergarten after all).  But truly, how was I supposed to know that she would take it upon herself to organize practically the ENTIRE body of students to sign her book?  It was serious business man.
Well, now that we covered that event (which happened to occur on the 12th of JUNE.. I KNOW RIGHT?!), we can now all take a deep breath and move on to more emotional milestones.  Are you ready for this?  My kids just started school last Thursday. *Double Sigh*  I have a 1st grader.  I know.  But my word is she ever CUTE!!!
Miss B with her new teacher - after her first day she happily exclaimed, "Mom, Ms Dunlop is the sweetest teacher in the whole school!  She wanted us to be the best class ever when we were walking in a line and after she told me how great I walked.. in front of EVERYONE!  It was so cool!" :)  *A HUGE improvement over the initial, "Who is this stranger and why is she smiling at me?" morning meeting!
Remember this sweet face?  Bailey's classroom assistant has been bumped to 1st grade and is once again in her class!  It was a great help in getting my timid B through the door!
The best looking "full day" Kindergartner I've ever seen!
Mr H was so happy to be back in the same class with familiar faces, (and plenty of new ones too!).  Thanks to Sao Paulo traffic we were running  a smidge late so I only got a shot of him with one of his two teachers.
Sir L was the hardest for me to wrap my mind around.  It was his first time at school, and to say that I was nervous about how he would handle the transition is a gross understatement.  To my complete surprise (and relief!) he practically ran through the door and had to be coaxed into saying goodbye to me!  He did allow me one quick snapshot before the mad dash to grow up:
Upon returning home, I asked him if he was excited that he got to go back again the next day.  His answer?  "No... I don't want to go back for one day. I want to go back for 1,000 days!!!"  What a goober! :)  Miss B's team of teachers from last year was split and regrouped - Sir L got one of her teachers in his class and I am beyond thrilled!
Back to school is always such a bitter-sweet time.  It is so wonderful to watch your kids grow and mature, having the life experiences that they need to help mold them into tomorrows leaders.  But entering a house with just myself and Princess P was rather daunting.  Things are too quiet.  Too easy.  I'd rather break up silly arguments about who had the dinosaur first, clean up milk spills, and get my clothes dirty with sticky finger prints.. but that's just me being a mom I guess.  It is, the best job in this world!
So off we send them, with their backpacks of choice, to find out who they are and how they fit into this crazy world.. but my word they just seem so young to be leaving me all alone! ;P


  1. Wow! This is so cute! I kinda just want to cry with you...our kids cannot grow up! But adorable pictures! So sad and glad we are each back to our real lives. Love you

  2. I agree with you kids really do grow up so quickly. Plus they all look adorable on their first day of school. :) Madi starts Kindergarten this year and Kaylin starts Pre-school!! Super fun.

  3. Thanks ladies! :) It's definitely good to be back Whit.. another bitter sweet! Your kids are getting so big too Jen! I'm just glad it's just them and we aren't aging at all.. that would be strange! ;P