Take it Outside

June.  Let's just pretend that it wasn't ions ago in blog world shall we?  Thanks.  Once upon a time in June, we went on a boating trip with my fabulous Aunt & Uncle in Elko, NV.  It was superb.  Each day was superb for different reasons.  Day 1, we sat on the shore and waited for the wind to die down so we could enjoy the water.  After shivering violently on the shore, we opted to return to the nice warmth of the house and put on actual clothes. 
 It wasn't as disappointing as it sounds though - H learned how to play volleyball, which was ADORABLE!  
 WILSOOOOOOOOOOON!!!  Sorry. Couldn't help myself. :)
My handsome man spent some sweet moments with his girls,

and L got to have the horse swing all to himself.  Sometimes not having to share, is just plain FUN! ;)
Day 2 was ideal as ideal could be for a day on the water!  The kids were SO excited it made me get all teary.  What, you don't cry when your kids are happy?!  How utterly strange of you..
H with my cutie patootie sister.
..and Princess P with my other cutie patootie sister.. she's got great teeth.. :)
My dad always used to tell us how groovy he was back in his day.. I never quite saw it until this shot.  Pure magic dad.  Pure magic!
Miss B was ecstatic when it was finally her turn to brave the tube with Grandma.
Mr H went on the tube as well, but it wasn't his all time favorite moment. 
That's the sign for "STOP".. he then told me that he wanted to just help me take pictures instead. :)
Sir L?  He was in his glory.  This is his "thumbs up".. I suppose I should teach him the right way, but it's just so cute I can't help but to leave it alone!
And Princess P?  Well she's just plain nutty.  No fear.  She would have gone out alone if I had trusted her not to jump ship!  Someone needs to tell her she's only 2.  Ask her and she insists that she is 5.  Hmmm..
I do so love boat and water shots.  They make me smile.  Especially when the little man is wearing daddy's hat :)
Our Elko trips are one of the great highlights of the summer!  It's a feat trying to get these guys to come out of the water for 2 seconds..
Accept to eat that is ;)
Good food, great company, and a full days worth of perfect weather.  What more could a mom with a Nikon want?! ;)  Thanks Aunt L for another FANTASTIC time!!!

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