Hooley Camp & an EPIC Failure

One of life's simple pleasures is escaping the hustle and bustle of our everyday crazy hectic lives and heading outdoors.  Camping.  It's how everyone used to live before brick and stonework, electricity and the iPhone.  Accept, as you can see here, we cheated - we opted out of slaying animals and making a fur tent.. okay, we even opted out of the pop ups you can purchase at WalMart, and we went all high class and shnazzy in a wonderful generator hooked up trailer.  Spoiled, I know.  The conveniences of modern living in perfect harmony with the great outdoors!
Don't mind how dirty my kids are - we may have had access to a trailer, but shockingly I never did take advantage of the on board shower.. it just didn't seem right..  Bubbles.  Another of life's simple pleasures.  Thrilling and exciting for some..
..and incredibly serious business for others!
A short drive away and we were at the lake.  Have I mentioned lately how much my kids LOVE the water?!
Shore side with Gma & Gpa H and the sis in law :)
The hubster braved the cold water to take the kiddos out on a little family expedition.
My sweetheart looks like a nudist here (not that I condone that sort of behavior in public).  It makes me smile.. I'm immature like that.
Little girls, chubby thighs, and bags of Cheetos.  It doesn't get much cuter than that!
Some of the hubsters' Aunts and Uncles brought their canine pals to camp too.  My kids were in their glory!  Someday, we need to get a dog.  But until having to take it down the elevator to relieve itself isn't in the cards, neither is Fido.
Helllllooooo handsome. :)
Gpa was a good sport too.  You have NO idea how hard it was to track down a paddle for each child!  Sometimes, "sharing" just isn't in the cards!
B received some instruction on skipping rocks.
With daddy's help, it worked fairly well :)
Princess P got plenty of Gma time and managed to wrap yet another poor soul around her funny little finger.
Another hop, skip and a jump over and we were in a cute little park!  The kids loathed* every second of it.. (*reeking with sarcasm) 
Here is were the EPIC failure comes into play:  As we were about to wrap up our fun filled outing, the little hooligans saw a gal setting up the strangest thing..  "Mommy, what is that?"  "That's tee ball - baseball for kids."  "What's baseball?"  WHAT?!?!   Here we are, living it up in another country in hopes to submerge our children into the wondrous depths of cultural diversity, and they don't even recognize one of their own countries most favorite pastimes?!  Sadly, the coach heard them and after I'm sure, rolling her eyes underneath her sunglasses at me for being a lousy American, she invited each of them to take a swing before her practice started.  I contemplated singing the Star Spangled Banner, but realized that they would probably ask what song I was singing and then the firemen close by would spray my incredibly deserving rear with their fire hose.  They loved it. I got teary eyed. We are still Americans after all! 
Sir L had stance man!  I was thoroughly impressed..
And Princess P?  Well, she had the confidence to hit it out of the park.  That would have been awesome. And redeeming. :P
In my defense,  afterwards I made a mad dash over to Target and purchased a tee ball set for Christmas! :)

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