Dia da Independência

The kids celebrated Brazil's independence day this past week in school in preparation for the actual holiday, TODAY! :)  They were asked to wear Brazilian colors and had a history and food fair that was run by the trusty PTA.  I had originally planned to give them these outfits for Christmas, but where's the fun in waiting another 4months to have them match so perfectly and show Brazil a little love?!  I'm thinking I may have to sign them up for soccer now just so I can see them run around in cute jerseys all the time.  I mean really!
As per their request, here is a more true to form shot of my little goobers.. no disrespect Brazil.. they are nuts in the red white and blue too ;)
So today, dia da independência, our Plan A was to rent a beach house in São Sebastião for the weekend and just relax.  Unfortunately the rest of Brazil had the same plan as we could not find ANYTHING available!  Next year we'll plan a good 6 months in advance.. who knew?!  Our Plan B was to go to the Zoo today and the beach tomorrow.  Typically a 30minute drive away, we finally arrived at the Zoo after 3hrs only to find the most massive crowd EVER.  There were police standing guard "just in case".. needless to say we had to do a quick improvise as we drove on by and went to the drive through zoo "Simba Safari" once more.  A little de-ja-vooey if you remember "Dia das Crianças" (http://minutesformama.blogspot.com.br/2011/10/simba-safari.html)??  We are slow learners..
All the plan changing tired the kids right on out.  5pm and all 4 were out cold!  Maybe we'll have to improvise more often.. ;)
Happy Dia da Independência everyone!!!

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  1. These pictures are all too cute for words! I'm thinking I might need a blow-up or two (hint, hint)!!! :0)