Picture This

To save you from an hour long scroll down, I have oh so cleverly condensed the remainder of our crazy shenanigans in the states into these nifty little collages!  You're welcome. :)
I guess I am officially that annoying mom who always has a lens in your face.. but truly, the magical moments I capture because of it!  It's worth every eye roll and "Aww, do we have to?!".  With 6 weeks in Utah we had plenty of time to run around and be crazy.  But a very large part of our summer was spent right in Gma and Gpa D's backyard, and really, who could blame us?!
A short hop skip and a jump away and we were at Thanksgiving Point and visiting their fantastic dinosaur museum (pardon the poor lighting):
And when that got old, there was always (my favorite) the farm there as well!  Princess P rode a pony for the first time and made sure EVERYONE knew that she was not in need of any help.  Thankfully seeing independent 2yr olds ride horses without a two hands on adult in tow in Utah is no new thing ("You only have 4 kids?  When are you planning the next one?"  "If you think 4 is a lot of work, just wait until you have 12..").  Here in Brazil I most likely would have been stoned to death.
While driving the familiar streets of my later teenage years, I came across an ADORABLE fair, so naturally, we had to go there too! :)  The two dare devils of the evening?  The girls.  Princess P and Miss B wanted to go on EVERY ride.  They probably would have jumped off the top of the ferris wheel if Grandpa had let them.. the boys?  They had a blast too, as long as it wasn't too risky ;)  The irony!
While Gma R was having special time with the boys, Gma D and myself found an adorable man made lake nestled right up against the beauty of Utah's mountains.  The sand couldn't hold a candle to the beaches here in Brazil, but the girls where just thrilled to be by the water again!
We went up the canyon to cook s'mores and soak in the smell of a campfire.  It's a beautiful thing. :)
Sadly, due to a Mountain side wildfire close to my parents' home all fireworks where banned on the 4th of July.  Fortunately we were invited to a small neighborhood firework show a few weeks later with Gma & Gpa R. :)  I think I enjoy capturing fireworks more than watching them - I dare say they look even more incredible still!
The other place we practically lived at was Seven Peaks Water park and Trafalga Fun Centers (we bought season passes!).  Sadly all of those pictures where captured on my phone which I accidentally wiped clean while restoring.. don't get me started.. At least I captured some shots of the kiddos bowling at one of the Fun Centers on my camera (poor lighting again - I need to invest in a decent flash). :)
"I'm sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone who actually needs help.."  Princess P was a riot to watch.  She didn't care about whether or not she knocked over tany pins.  She was on a mission and it was to get that heavy bowling ball on top of the ramp by herself and then push it down!  I had o stop her from rolling a 2nd ball before the first one even made it to the pins!  Lol, when this girl walks it's like something out of Jurassic Park.  Half stomp, half swagger, and so much confidence a mal rhino would move out of her way.  Don't mind the crazy hair - her tie broke.. true story.
Sir L took business VERRRRY seriously.  It was my bad not asking for bumpers.. if the poor guy got a gutter ball it was an exasperated sigh, head hung low, and arms disappointedly crossed across his chest.  Adorable, yet so sad.  But knocking a bunch of pins down??  You can't buy that kind of happiness! :)
Mr H played it cool.  Trying so hard to mask the emotions that where obviously bowling over inside of him!  Biting his lip to conceal an excited smile.. then slowly the grin of inevitable success!  Priceless.
Ms B took the professional approach.  Each time she carefully repositioned the ball ramp and visualizing her plan of attack before the final release, and then joyously skipping back with pigtails swinging! :)  It was such a fun day - I love how different each of our kids are, and watching the different ways they handle the same situations!
Before we left to head back home to Brazil, we had a family dinner on my side.  Ms B spent the entire morning preparing a "surprise" for the "goodbye party".  After dinner, she sweetly invited everyone upstairs and unveiled her hard work:  She had a table set up with chairs and playing cards, a petting zoo area where we could visit all the stuffed animals, and she even gave us complimentary "makeovers by styling our hair.  "Adorable" doesn't even come close!  I sense a little party planner in the making :)  It was the perfect way to conclude a rather perfect summer!


  1. Looks like you had a fun busy summer. I spent a lot of time at 7 peaks and Trafalga too. Those passes are amazing. :)

  2. We did! We got the passes through a groupon deal too so they were an AWESOME deal! :D Too bad we didnt run into each other while we were there!