I refuse to believe that all dreams mean something.  Doing so would cause me to have to seriously re-evaluate my mental state.  I have some crazy, argumentally psychotic, and yet incredibly "real" feeling dreams!  Pregnancy only amplifies my psyched out subconscious.  Sometimes when I wake up, I have to take a good 10 minutes to sort through what's real and what's not.  Often times I will have the same dream repeat itself each night for weeks.. bizarre?  Umm, YES!  As well as creepy and annoying (among other things).

My pregnancy dreams have ranged from infidelity (because what pregnant woman wouldn't want to add that fear to all the emotional and physical changes she's already experiencing??), babies born with severe abnormalities (we're talking a 3rd leg, 1 eye, or my personal favorite - a full set of adult teeth!), to pro-athlete aspirations for unborn children, a houseful of boys (yes, there was a time the thought made me nervous I'll admit!), and the always exciting "pre-term labor in unlikely places".  All of these had their moment in the spotlight.  Some were easier to swallow than others.. but the one that I've experienced with this pregnancy definitely takes the cake in the whole whacked-out-dream-realm:

We are in our apartment, though it's not actually our same "real-life" apartment, when one of the floors above us catches fire.  We are rushing all of our kids outside along with all of their friends who happen to be over for a play date (some 15+ extra kids),  when I determine that there is enough time for me to run back inside and collect some valuables before the building collapses.  My husband doesn't want me to go in, but I am insistent and tell him to stay with the kids and keep them safe as I rush back inside..  Now, lets take a moment to contemplate all of the things that I could or SHOULD be going back in to rescue:  Maybe my computer with all of our timeless pictures?  Our wedding album perhaps?  Or how about the bins of precious projects and collectibles that I have set aside for each of my kids?  Shamefully, none of the above.  I go running through the house to this gigantic room that is full of one thing and one thing alone.. my shoes.  MY SHOES!  It is like a department store in the way it was set up and I am standing there in the midst of them all as flaming timbers are crashing all around me, frantically trying to decide which ones I should save and which ones I would be willing to part with forever.  Wow.  I wake up from that one laughing.  Nervously laughing.  Laughing at my incredibly deep subconscious self who is apparently ridiculously shallow and well, downright stupid! 

Let me preface this by saying that I do not now, nor have I ever even dreamt of having in the future, a room specifically for my collection of shoes!  Having 5 kids and subsequently gaining 30-35lbs and losing it again (and again, and again..), has definitely clued me into why women love shoes so much: it's the only size that doesn't change!   I can buy a pair of cute heels whether I'm wearing my skinny jeans or waddling around in my husbands basketball shorts.  And now, with internet shopping, I don't even have to waddle anywhere at all!   There's this site that I happen to love.. it's called shoedazzle.com.   Yes, it's a shoe club, and yes, I'm a member.. but membership is free (and so is shipping!).. so does that help me seem a bit less high maintenance?!   Please say yes.  AND, I have to say that I only purchase during their "buy one get one free sales", which adds up to less than $20 per pair, which is my max (unless I'm buying boots.. you've got to spare a little more for a good pair of boots!).   So you see, I may love shoes, but I am a smarter shoe buyer than the average female foot freak right?   Right.   Thank you for making me feel better.. and slightly less worldly..  All I know is that when I am wearing my scrubs and a pair of sneakers, I FEEL like a mom of soon-to-be 5 kids, but slip on a pair of wedges or heels and suddenly I am Erin, who happens to be a mom of soon-to-be 5 kids, and LOVES it! :)  It's the little things people! 

After the dream, I decided to take precautions and packaged my most favorite pairs in fire & flood proof containers..  (That was a joke.  Feel free to laugh along.):
*Did I mention that I have a thing for matching containers (that are NOT fire & flood proof)??  It's a selective OCD thing.. strictly self-diagnosed. ;)

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