Ahh Christmas.. Is there a better holiday in the world to celebrate with kids? If there is, I certainly haven't found it! The only thing that could have possibly made this years' Christmas any better would be if it had been 70-something degrees instead of 90. But I'm swollen and pregnant and spoiled so what do I know?

On Christmas Eve Day we got together with some other fellow American friends and the kids acted out the nativity.  The Mr entertained the youngens with stories while the older kids placed dibs on characters and costumes.
Handsome H was a sheppard.. he isn't wearing his headdress in this shot (probably due to the heat!), but he sure sported his sisters bathrobe with confidence and style!
Miss B split the role of Mary with her friend.  She was post delivery Mary, while the other was heavy laden. :)  Oh the pride she takes in motherhood!
You can kind of see Handsome H's headdress in this one.. aka my bathrobe.
Mary and Joseph :)
Sir L was a wise man.  He wasn't thrilled about his options in clothing, but he did humor us for a few seconds before ripping it off again. ;)  Princess P refused altogether.  Oh well, there's always next year right??
The whole clan.  Or, at least the ones who liked their costumes..
After we sang carols as a family and watched the nativity story on DVD that night, the kiddos were off to bed and mom and dad got to work!  Due to a few accidental ornament breaks our tree looked fairly naked this year.  I have since resolved to purchase non-breakable ornaments for next year!
Behind the couch we hid their "gold" gifts (we gave each kid 3 gifts to represent the 3 that Christ received - the gold gift is always the best!).
Miss B was up at about 5am giggling excitedly in my ear.  I had to restrain her in bed for the next hour and a half before I could convince the hubster to give in and let me help her wake up the remainder of the kids!  I didn't get too many pictures due to the fact that I only have so many hands and needed to monitor the madness and take video as well, but suffice it to say that there were plenty of squeals, giggles and eyes wide with wonder with each paper tear and reveal. :)
Miss B has since put on a multitude of puppet shows!
No, a toothbrush was NOT his "gold" gift, but really.. who else gets THIS excited over  anew toothbrush in their stocking?!  Love this kid!
A new bike for Handsome H.  He is SO ready to take off those training wheels.. he just doesn't know it yet ;)
Princess P with her new baby doll (in hopes that she'll let me hold mine every once in a while when he arrives!).
She took herself on a scooter ride while pushing her baby (and tennis racket) around the house.. just to be sure no one took either of them away while she was gone.  Silly girl!
Miss B showing off her roller blade backpack:
And Sir L went straight to work with his new T-ball set!
The boys got roller blade backpacks too :).  Balance is something that is quite fragile in our home apparently!
All in all, it was as parentally rewarding and fun as any mom could hope for!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!!!

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