Mothering With Spiritual Power

One of my 2013 resolutions is to read a new book each month.  I love books.  I dream of having a library with shelves full of the books that I've read and marked up (yes, I scribble in my books..).  But the sad truth is I have never made reading a top priority, and in so doing have wasted my free moments in other ways that tend to be much less fulfilling.  Recently I have come to realize the value of continuing my education.  It is a lifelong process that I know will benefit both myself and my kids.  A wise man once said, "You can't get water from an empty well".  Well it's time for me to prioritize filling my bucket! :)  Thankfully I have a stack of "to-reads" ready and waiting for me to tackle this year!  

This month, I chose a book entitled Mothering with Spiritual Power by Debra Sansing Woods.  It was a simple book, one that was filled with sweet advice and gentle reminders.  Although it didn't challenge me intellectually, it did serve as a nice "refresher" course for helping me refocus on what I want my kids to get out of their early years.  I've always enjoyed reading books that represent others' opinions on life, and particularly in the stage I'm at right now - that of raising children.  My parents have 7 children and did a (in my opinion), wonderful job raising each of us.  It isn't uncommon for people who know my mother to remark on some of the similarities we have.  However, although we have our similarities, we also have our differences.  We are two different people after all!  What may have worked for her as a mom, may not always work for me..  No parenting style is perfect, but some are better suited for me and my set of values and beliefs more than others.  In order for me to successfully form an opinion on how I would like to raise my kids, I like to see what other options are out there first!  Although I can't say that this was my favorite book in the parenting realm, it was heartfelt, and though basic in nature, the principles it touched on were very true and in line with my personal feelings and beliefs on motherhood.
A few of my favorite passages included:

"..the only way to really teach our children about love is to teach them about service.  After all, it seems to me that service is love made visible."
"If a few words thoughtlessly spoken can have such a negative impact on a child, what difference can a few words, carefully chosen each day, make for our children?"
"If we will listen closely to our young children, acknowledge and value the inspiration they share with us, and help them to understand the source of that inspiration, we will be helping them to lay the foundation for a life that is more likely to be lived in tune with the Spirit.  And what a wonderful gift this can be to our children - a gift that requires no grand gestures or fanfare but rather begins with the simple act of listening to our little ones and acknowledging the inspired wisdom they will surely share."
"..put yesterday to rest so we can awaken each morning to the gift of a whole new day - a day where we can focus on doing on best on just that particular day as we seek to raise and nurture righteous children."
"We live in a world where we could easily become confused on how best to show our children love.. The world would have us think that money can buy love, that by buying our children things - a car, new clothes, their own computer - we will be buying them the sense that they are loved.  But, the thing that our children need the most, more than anything we can buy them, is our time and undivided attention."

All in all it was a good, quick read.  One that helped refresh my goals and refocus my sights on what I deem to be of most worth in this life.  Thank you Debra for the soft and gentle reminders - sometimes they are exactly what a mom needs! :)

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