Seven Years

Once upon I time I threw Miss B a birthday party.  It was in December.  I was pregnant.. don't judge me.  Her birthday is in January, but I figured I wouldn't be in the mood to entertain 16 giggly girls a week or two before the baby was due to arrive, so December it was! :)

Thanks to a trip back to the US, and one of my most favorite stores in the whole wide world (aka"Target"), we decked out the house in girly hues and pom pom balls.. My man hung those streamers for me, and so uniformly too!  DEFINITELY a keeper!
I solicited some teenage help to help us "make over" our party guests.  Hair, mani-pedis & makeup.. what more could a soon to be 7yr old want?!
Okay, so this lovely lady isn't a teenager - she's one of my dearest friends who just happens to look like one..  And though I'm sure there are times when she doesn't like hearing that, when the rest of us are all old and wrinkly and she's got the fresh face of a 35yr old while in her late 90's I'm sure she'll learn to embrace the gift that is hers!  Love you Amazing A! :D
The "after" shots of a few of our clients :)
I do so love home parties.  So quaint.  SO fun!  
Thankfully, the big belly didn't stop us from having some old fashioned family fun on the real big day come January!  Breakfast in bed was served to one VERY happy 7 year old! :)
And who could forget lunch out with mom?!  ..I'm starting to wonder if they realize that we don't have to go to McDonald's EVERY year!  Olive Garden anyone??  ANYWHERE else??  Probably not until others start giving out toys with their kids meals..
Sadly, daddy was on a business trip on the big day..  Not so sadly, we were able to Skype with him on a 60" television screen.  Giant sized daddy head = one happy birthday girl!
Cake and presents followed and didn't disappoint!
After our Skype session, Miss B had a play date with two of her good friends.  The older of the two decked out the back deck in painted decorations for the occasion. :)
..while the younger one helped Miss B tackle her new Lego sets!
It's hard to believe another year has come and gone.  This girl makes my life so complete.  I truly couldn't imagine a single day without her in it!  A true blue sweetheart, she would do anything for anyone and is my saving grace in so many ways!  She helps with her siblings, not because she has to, but because she WANTS to.  She is so in tune with others' emotions and wants everyone to be comfortable and happy.  She is responsible, incredibly mature for her age, and growing up too darn fast!!!  I took a glance back at the past 3yrs bday breakfast in bed shots (ages 5, 6 and this years' 7), and my word how quickly they change!  I love this girl so much and am so grateful that she's mine! :)  Happy birthday Miss B!

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