RECIPE: Nutella & Sea Salt Fudge

I LOVE to cook.  I LOVE to bake.  Pretty much I just LOVE food!  I am always looking for new recipes to try and have subscribed to more food blogs than I care to admit.  Although there are many great recipes out there, sometimes they are hard to sift through.  Not all of them become staples in our home, but the ones that do are near and dear to my heart (& stomach). :)  I thought it might be fun to post a favorite recipe each month just to save you the trouble of having to ask me again, and again, and again for it because I keep forgetting to share it with you (sorry)!  This recipe for Nutella & Sea Salt Fudge is probably the one that I have promised to give to the most amount of people and forgotten.. really, it's embarrassing . nothing personal, I'm just spacey sometimes.  Anyways, don't cry, because you can officially find it by clicking here!  You're welcome. :)  I know the picture makes it look all Christmasy and whatnot but I assure you, you can eat this any day, any time, and for any meal you please.  The hubster likes to melt it back down and pour it over ice cream too.. like I said, you can do no wrong with this one.. accept that is, if you opt to not make it!
And for all of you non-bakers out there, don't worry, this is such a cinch to whip up and it's truly divine!  Even my friends who don't like Nutella (GASP!) love this.  It's a win-win.  *For those of you who live in Brazil (or any other country) and don't have access to chocolate chips, just use a chocolate bar instead. ;)

Now I am perfectly aware that it isn't advisable to eat fudge for dinner.  Not completely sure why, but I'll trust the nutritionists on that one. ;)  SO, because I love you, and because I have a major craving for it right now, feel free to whip up this AMAZING lasagna recipe to serve as a prelude to that amazing fudge!  This is the recipe I use when I whip up 10 of these to freeze - it's a perfect freezer meal!  My lasagna loving husband goes gaga for this, The Best Lasagna. Ever. Click here, and thank me later. :)
*In Brazil I make a few changes to the recipe, but it is still utterly perfect!  I omit the sausage and just use ground beef as the sausage here is quite different.  I also use 1/2 cottage cheese & 1/2 ricotta cheese (the spreadable kind in the container, not the fresh ricotta) due to the crazy price of cottage cheese here!  I also omit the shake-able parmesan cheese as it is a crime against food and top with mozzarella and a little fresh grated parmesan if I have it on hand, but it still tastes awesome without it.  Also, "extracto de tomate" is the closest thing to tomato paste. :)  Bon apetit!


  1. I miss you bringing your treats to the house down the street in El Mirage....Our House!!

    1. And I miss having someone else to eat them besides me, myself and I! ;)