Big Baby

I remember when Miss B turned one.. she seemed SO old!  Now, I realize one isn't any more than just a really big baby!  I am not in any race to have my kids grow up any faster after seeing how fast the past 10 years of my life has slipped away..  So when our little brasiliero turned 1 year old in January I celebrated and quietly mourned a bit too!  This sweet boy has brought so much life into our family!  He is so incredibly easy as far as babies go that it makes us worry what's in store.. surely it can't last right?!  I feel like I've won the baby jack pot so many times it doesn't seem fair!  He is ALWAYS happy, naps like a champ and is content just to be wherever he is (aka no drive to walk or talk but happy regardless!). :)  He has a special bond with his big sister (Miss B) who of course ADORES him, and he and Bella have the most priceless boy and his puppy relationship I've ever seen! :)  In short, this little roly-poly may be pint-sized, but he has blessed us in HUGE ways!

As long as he has a bottle, clean diaper and something to eat, there will be no complaints.  So when it was time for his own personal cake smash, he was ALL game! :)
What do you get a 5th child who already has all the hand-me-down toys and clothes any kid could ever hope for?  The answer is a hard one to come by but even after all the parental and sibling brainstorming I don't think he cared.. regardless his older counterparts were excited about it! ;)
We love you little man!  Looking forward to many more squishy years to come! :D 

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