Great to be EIGHT!

Birthdays and childhood memories.  Too many have been lost from memory, but there are some that I can remember so vividly from those early years, starting around the ripe old age of eight - the same age Miss B turned this year (back in January I admit, but hey, at least it's still 2014!).  Sigh.. I guess that means I need to be extra careful now since she'll most likely remember all of my parenting failures from here on out.  No pressure! :P
For her 8th birthday she chose some of her closest girlfriends to go out to eat and see the Disney movie "Frozen" in theaters.  I kind of felt like I was cheating since it was the lowest maintenance party to date!  And SO much fun!!  I think I enjoyed the movie as much as the girls!  FABULOUS.  Truly.

Of course her actual birthday started out the same as usual with breakfast in bed,
followed by lunch out with mom, 
and of course presents after dinner :)
Sometimes I think I enjoy reliving my childhood through my kids too much.. why can't adults have these kinds of reactions over paper crafts??
The looks of sheer suspense.. or is that concentration?  Her brothers did use a lot of tape..
This is what I like to refer to as trust.  LOTS of trust.
Probably the 4th piggy bank she's owned to date.. why thy can't make cute ones out of plastic I'll never understand.  They are for kids after all!
The classic group shot - I must say they are one fun bunch!
Another perk of being close to family now is cousins coming over for birthday cake! :)  One of my kids FINALLY requested an ice cream cake and I was MORE than happy to accommodate!
Happy birthday B!  These past 8 years have gone by so ridiculously fast since you joined our family.  We love you so much and can't wait to see you continue to develop into an amazing woman some day - you are certainly on the right track and paving the way for all your crazy little siblings to follow! :D  

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