Double Digits

Ten years ago, this girl made me a mother.  And while the memories of my life prior to that miraculous day seem so long ago, I can vividly remember those first tender moments and stand in awe at how fast time has passed since that day.. it's an odd sort of feeling, like you're in two places at once.  The days can pass slowly, but the years fly by.
This girl, with eyes so full of wonder, a heart bursting with compassion, and a mind ever seeking answers to the endless questions that seem to come, has taught me more already, than I could ever hope to teach her.  I've heard it said that a daughter is just a little girl, who grows up to be a friend.  I thank my lucky stars for that, as not everyone if fortunate enough to ever meet such a friend!
She will change lives for the better, and once she realizes the full extent of the power within her, will truly be able to accomplish all that she sets out to do!  Thank you Bailey girl for all you do and are.  In a world full of self-centered people, I admire your conviction to be more.  In your kindness lies true beauty.  The kind that never fades away.  Happy birthday sweetheart. xoxo - the luckiest mom in the world

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