Weight Limit

How often do we pay attention to the "weight limit".. I mean, they have about 1,000lbs of give or take on that right??...

I probably shouldn't be complaining. I mean, it could have been MUCH worse in many respects... the shelves could have fallen when someone was in the laundry room, certain to bury them in the debree. The paint could have been a less neutral tone (I'm thinking anything that is incorporated in my preschool rooms!). Heck, there could have been a REAL robber in my house causing all the loud ruckus that caused my heart to skip a few. That last one is debatable though, as it may have been easier to talk a robber out of our home than to clean up this fun and very unexpected event of my afternoon!:P

EXHIBIT A: This is the space on my wall where the shelves SHOULD be.
...and this is where they obviously wanted to be... shelf #1:
and lets not forget shelf #2:
This is the point in which I started laughing... maybe a smidge in hysterics... (yes, that was a FULL GALLON of paint. Emphasis on "was"!) The measure of it's destruction isn't fully shown in this picture as the majority of the spill is covered with your typical laundry room attendants.
I'm not quite sure how the paint got all the way over to this wall...
But alas, to every story there is a silver lining. So before you feel too sorry for me, here's mine:
1 - Hunter was down for a nap (if you know how "hands on" my son can be, you'll know why this was my #1!).
2 - As I scooped and scrubbed the seemingly endless paint off of the floor, walls, and door, I knew I was building character! ..and when the rather LARGE spider decided to get stuck in the paint and wouldn't stop wriggling, I actually felt kind of sorry for the little bugger... you can contribute that to all the previous "character building" acquired, or the fact that we watched Charlotte's Web yesterday.. your choice. ;P
3 - The looks I received from my teenage neighbor boys as I hosed off all of my paint covered items were quite priceless. Yeah, I never thought I would work that hard to save a few containers of bleach either!
4 - I prefer to wax my eyebrows as it takes much less time and effort than plucking. My poor neglected tweezers were once more shown the love and attention they deserve as I used them to de-glass my feet from the shattered light bulbs.
And last, but certainly not least, it brought me back to the good 'ole days.. I'm thinking January 22, 2009... previous blog post "...and how was your evening??". Priceless. So I guess the moral of the story is this: If you're on an elevator that is overly crowded and most likely over it's limit, GET OFF - people can make bigger messes than a can of paint.


  1. OHHH, I cannot believe that! I s hope everything comes off totally and there is no permanent damage! YIKES

  2. good grief erin! That sucks good luck removing paint from everything! I hope it all come off! I will remember the comment about the elevator. Be grateful you aren't cleaning up THAT mess. :)

  3. Erin! Oh Man! (For some reason my comment wouldn't post...now I need to try to remember what I wrote...now I am on take 3...hope you don't get 3 messages from me)....OH MAN! I am so sorry about the shelves. I feel bad I am laughing....but you are hilarious! I love your perspective and attitude. You are amazing! I am loving getting to know you. Good luck with the shelves and mess. ={