Big, Round & ORANGE!!!

LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!!!  Pumpkins!  Not green with orange streaked, that are more of a squash than a pumpkin, but REAL, legit American pumpkin patch style pumpkins.  The kind you can actually carve!  Truly, my heart was full to rejoicing.  I didn't even care that they cost half of my kids' college education (okay, slight exaggeration there.. it only cost 1/3 of their education)!  But truly, who needs college when you've got pumpkins that bring out childhood pleasures and cultivate memories that they will surely talk about when they are old and gray??  No exaggeration.
We had a pumpkin ripe and ready for the girls,
and another for the boys!
Once the spoons were out and the guts revealed, there was no stopping the de-seedification process.  Pure bliss I tell you.  PURE BLISS.
As this was Princess P's 1st ever pumpkin gutting, I wasn't sure how it would go.. she had mixed emotions at first but slowly warmed up to the idea.  Though between handfuls she did make a break for the bathroom to wash her "ucka" hands. :)
Miss B is closer to 7 than 6yrs old these days.  SURELY old enough to be the official artist of Sir Pumpkin's face!
It was a very proud moment :)
With a little help from yours truly, the masterpiece was finished!  Job well done girls!
The boys did a very thorough cleaning of their pumpkin as well.. it's serious business, this pumpkin thing!
Handsome H did the seed sorting out of pure OCD, which greatly pleased (and surprised!) this OCD mama! :)
With a little enlisted help from the boys, dad came in with a more professional take and decided to stencil their artwork rather than attempt a freehand approach.. 
I guess it turned out ok.. ;)
Pumpkin carving in Brazil?  CHECK! :)

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