Red Hot & Angry

October was as crazy as a month around here ever was. One of the major highlights of the month was Sir L's 4th birthday celebration! The great thing about 4yrs old is they begin to really understand the meaning surrounding all the excitement. For the first time there are specific requests for the party theme, the food that will be served, and of course, the guest list!

My little man has been obsessed with the color red for as long as he's had a color preference opinion at all!  If you've ever met the little guy, you'll know that once his mind is made up about something, it is MADE UP.  Don't waste your time trying to manipulate a change..  Been there.  Done that.  Pointless.  He also is a head over heels activist for all things "Angry Birds".  If you are unaware of the ongoing phenomenon, you're welcome, you are now officially in the loop!  Naturally, when the hubster and I came across the immense party goods spread showcasing the angry birds in all their fire-engine-red glory, the light bulbs just started firing!  Angry Birds it was, and dare I say I was possibly more giddy about throwing this party than almost any other I've done thus far! ;)

When his friends arrived and the elevator doors parted, they were greeted by these familiar faces in balloon form, thanks to the awesome cut and tape skills of my hubby and the free template we scored online (http://www.thepartyanimal-blog.org/Downloads/Angry_Birds_Balloon_Templates.pdf)! ;)
I found this perfect flag in the clearance section at WalMart by complete chance - it was an easy throw up door decoration!
Inside, we had rearranged our main room furniture to accommodate for the extra bodies and lack of a backyard!
It's times like these that I am SO thankful I used to teach preschool and still have tons of tables and little chairs! :)
The table spread was basic but came together perfectly!
When the kids arrived there were Angry Birds coloring pages set up on a table for those who wanted some quiet time to adjust to the new surroundings, while those who felt right at home played in the toy room while we waited for everyone to arrive.
Once all the kids were accounted for, the hubster and I split them into two groups.  He took one group to play a "live" version of the hit game.. it was a HUGE success and definitely a unanimous favorite!  I had the other group at the table playing Angry Birds Bingo with m&m's.. apparently not quite as intriguing as the other (no one asked to play more than twice, compared to the CONSTANT lineup of kids wanting to take yet another shot at knocking down those noxious green piggies!), but still super fun!
What would a birthday party be without cupcakes with frosting so red they stain your teeth for the remainder of the day?!
Lovely boys.  Just lovely.
Cute girls from the birthday boys' class at school. :)  The sweet girl on the left has stolen my title as "Landon's girl".. good thing she's so stinkin' adorable!
The homemade pinata attempt.  FYI - if you're planning on making one, start a week in advance.. 48hrs is NOT enough drying time!  Oops.  Now I know.
Regardless of a few wet spots, it worked like a charm and the kids were just happy to get their hands on some loot!
Aside from sending them home with a bunch of junk food and candy, everyone took home an Angry Birds coloring book and pack of crayons.  It was seriously one of the easiest parties I've ever thrown!  "SO much fun", meet "simple and stress free".  It's a beautiful thing!
We celebrated Sir L's birthday as a family the day before his actually big day due to the hubsters crazy work schedule and unpredictable late hours.  L didn't seem to mind at all!
I was most excited about giving him his Buzz this year. 
Don't get me wrong, he really likes it, but there were a few gifts that definitely received the majority of his attention (and still do!)..

Sometimes it really is the simple things that they enjoy the most! 

For all those out there who think that giving a book will come across as "lame", think again!  Buzz never got a hug and a squeal..
This was the birthday that just kept on giving!  ..I couldn't very well not do ANYTHING on the legitimate day of his birth could I??  We stuck to the usual traditions - breakfast in bed, 

out to lunch with mom,
and dinner of choice (homemade pizza.. yum!!!).
And of course I had to save him one last gift to be opened up on the big day! :)  I am so grateful to have this little guy in my life!  Our family would certainly not be the same without him!  Love you little man!!!

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