Trunk or Treat

October. It was sooo a week ago I know, but perhaps you'll overlook my tardiness when you realize that in a period of 2 1/2 weeks I threw a birthday party for Sir L, helped coordinate 3 class Halloween parties, threw baby shower, & an old fashioned American "Trunk-or-Treat" event.  Feel sorry for me yet??  Well don't!  It may have been crazy, but it was a crazy BLAST and I truly loved every minute of it! :)

Halloween is not a recognized holiday here in Brazil (boo hiss!), though the international travelers who are familiar with the traditions do get in on the fun.  Last year a bunch of Americans coordinated a list of participating apartments for our kids to go trick-or-treating to.  Although it was LOADS of fun, squishing into an elevator with a dozen people without AC during Brazil's toasty spring/summer makes one feel slightly claustrophobic.. just slightly.  So, in addition to the apartment hop, my girlfriend and I came up with the lovely solution of bringing a little more of the US of A into our festivities this year with a squish free "trunk-or-treat" event.  We invited all of our American friends as well as plenty of our lovely Brazilian friends who wanted in on a fun new tradition.  It was HOT (like 84 degrees hot - too hot for this prego mama to care about getting a costume on!), but even amid the extra perspiration it was a huge hit!

The pirate brothers were ready to strut their stuff and collect a barrel of teeth rottin' treasure! :)
Princess P was the darling black cat (belonging to Miss B the witch).  Come picture time she was as feisty as any cat ever was.. took a bribe to get a smile out of the little stinker ;)
The feisty kitty with her "master".. or is it the other way around??
Sir L had a little friend show up from his class at school - could they be any cuter?!
And of course Miss B was loving having all of her friends in one place as well :)
New to trunk-or-treating?  It's simple really.. every person decorates the trunk of their car and the kids go trick-or-treating from trunk to trunk rather than from door to door.  It is the majorly simplified version of this popular America pastime :)  Here was our car after we got our creativity on:
I realize I'm missing a child here, but sometimes you just have to take advantage of what's available..
We had a great turnout with loads of friends, and waaay too much food! ..not that I'm complaining ;)
After all the cars were decorated, the kids were let loose!
Princess P caught on to the whole idea incredibly quick :)
By nights end everyone had a pretty impressive stash!  Gotta love Halloween!!! :)

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