Flash Month

October is now known as flash month in our house.  "Busy" doesn't even begin to cut it!  With minimal sleep, lots of chocolate, help from my sweet husband, sister in law and mother (who we ended up flying out for a week), we managed to survive what was one of the busiest months of the year for my shop!  Chances are, if you came by for a visit, you couldn't reach our front door.. sorry about that..
We managed to make a few fun memories in between the madness, with a trip to a pumpkin patch (okay so I stayed home with the boys, but that was an end-of-the-line consequence for them, not because I didn't desperately need the day out!),
our ward trunk-or-treat and chili cook off,
(Please note my kids' terribly last minute, thrown together costumes.. I was SO busy getting everyone else in the world theirs that I didn't have time to complete the image in my head for us.. oh well, there's always this year right??  Thankfully, people give out candy to all cute kids and not just the best dressed ones!)
and of course, a fun family night of pumpkin carving! :)
But if you ask one little boy in the family which day trumps the month, it won't be Halloween.. even though in a kids' mind, the one day of the year where parents give the thumbs up to take candy from strangers is pretty awesome (if not slightly misguided..)!  Sir L turned 5 on the 29th and was looking quite grown up indeed!
Yeah.. I'm pretty sure he had a fairly decent day!  I spent the most of it in awe, trying to etch into memory all the little quirks he has, knowing that all too soon they will be faded memories :(  This boy has brought so much joy into our family!  He can be goofy, and incredibly sincere, charming & wild, helpful, sensitive & eager to please.. he has the softest ears that I swear can fold 10 ways, a smile that'll knock your socks off, and a melt your heart tender side that only the lucky ones closest to him get to see.  I am SO thankful for this sweet boy!
Happy 5th birthday bud! :)

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