Thanks for Thanksgiving!

After such a successful "thankful advent" last year (see here http://minutesformama.blogspot.com/2012/12/giving-thanks.html), of course we HAD to do it again!  Here's a little glimpse into one of our new favorite family traditions, count down to Thanksgiving style!:
Day 1 - We are thankful for our TOYS!! *Organize the playroom and play together
Day 2 - We are thankful for PETS! *Welcome to the family Bella!  Isn't she adorable?!  
You want me to elaborate on that last one??  Don't mind if I do!  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words right??  I mean, who wouldn't want a second look at that sweet mug??
The biggest kid of them all was in his puppy-loving glory! :)
And rest assured, this little doll will be getting PLENTY of TLC and exercise! :)
Now THIS is what I call one fun loving crew!
Look out Bella, here comes trouble! :D
PS.. Have I mentioned that Princess P learned to ride a bike?  She now greats people with, "Yeah, I'm 3 and I ca ride a bike with no training wheels!  My brothers can't though, and they are 5 and 6!" ..such modesty! ;)
Our worry for the boys' pride was shortly lived as Handsome H wasn't about to sit back and watch his little sister claim all the glory!  Sir L on the other hand took the humble route and couldn't care less either way! ;)
Day 3 - We are thankful for Jesus!  *Read scripture stories and sing songs about him :)
Day 4 - We are thankful for the Earth! *clean up around the neighborhood
Day 5 - We are thankful for SNUGGLING!! *Snuggle up on the couch for a family movie night
Day 6 - We are thankful for our eyes! *Star gazing anyone??
Day 7 - We are thankful for our mouths!! *Make a yummy treat and share it together
Day 8 - We are thankful for nature! *Take a nature walk
Day 9 - We are thankful for ice cream!! *Go out for ice cream :)
Day 10 - We are thankful for grandparents! *Skype & Face time calls

Day 12 - We are thankful for daddy! *Make a special surprise for daddy 
Day 13 - We are thankful for the park!! *Head out for some family fun!
Day 14 - We are thankful for books! *Read thanksgiving books together
Day 15 - We are thankful for our friends!! *Play dates all around!  ..yes I know I'm missing a few kids but this is the best I could get amidst all the running and playing going on
 Day 16 - We are thankful for our neighbors! *Late-night brownies anyone??
Day 17 - We are thankful for service! *Help a family in need.. Post baby dinner is our specialty!
Day 18 - We are thankful for our teachers! *Heart shape muffins at your service!
Day 19 - We are thankful for our hands! *Do an art project using your hands
Day 20 - We are thankful for enough to share! *Help stock a local food bank :)  ..how I wish my phone hadn't died at the store when the kids were each pushing their carts of food.. It was both hilarious and adorable. Quite the spectacle!
Day 21 - We are thankful for turkeys! *Make a turkey craft :)
Day 22 - We are thankful for healthy bodies! *Go for a bike ride ..Yes I cheated and took a shot of the bikes rather than the kids on them.. Have you ever tried taking a picture of 4 crazy kids riding bikes faster than most cars drive?? Not. Easy.
Day 23 - We are thankful for the missionaries! *Have the missionaries over for dinner!
Day 24 - We are thankful for traditions! Yes, we decorated for Christmas prior to Thanksgiving.. Don't be a hater. You know you want to!
Day 25 - We are thankful for a nice warm house (particularly on this especially chilly day)! *Drink hot chocolate and tell stories by the fire :)
Day 26 - We are thankful for ambitions! *Paint the worlds largest picture (or at least the Hooley kids' largest picture)!!
Day 27 - We are thankful for our brothers and sisters! *Sibling switch up slumber parties! (Apparently Bailey is too old to snuggle too closely with a brother! lol)
Day 28 - We are thankful for food!  *Enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with family & friends!
We hope you all had as much to be thankful for this past year as we certainly did! :)

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