September wasn't SO long ago..

Prior to our furniture arriving, we had some home improvement & demo projects we wanted to take care of first.. from a fence outside, to new carpets, paint, and the like, we gave most every room in the house a makeover to turn back the clock a bit.. but lets face it, before and afters and SO much fun and need a post of their own!  *Stay tuned, coming soon!! :)

Sir L started pre-K just after the others headed off, and boy was he READY!  After such a successful year of school in Brazil, it was hard for him to cope with the fact that he just barely missed the Kindergarten cut off and would no longer be attending the same campus as his older brother and sis..  Thankfully he has an awesome teacher who quickly changed his disappointed tune! :)
Princess P, not being one to be left out of the excitement, kept life interesting by taking a trip down memory lane and chopping off her locks (again!) with the enlisted help of her big brother to "get the back"..
L tried desperately to keep from laughing, and getting in more trouble, after I "fixed" P's hair and shaved his for lasting impression (and slight comic relief of mom!).. but it really is hard to keep a straight face when a certain someone clearly got EXACTLY what she wanted.. AGAIN. :P
"Look mom!  Don't I look so super cute now?!"
"Wow!  I am TOTALLY awesome!"
"I look so super cool!  Right mom?" ..these taunting comments came daily for weeks after.. good thing she's cute!
Then finally, the day we had been waiting for finally arrived!  I didn't even care how much work was ahead of us when I saw this beauty pull up!  I just wanted a couch to sit on, and toys (other than scissors!) for my kids to play with! :)  This lovely day in late September, we FINALLY felt "home"!

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