Why is it that children never want to perform when the camera is on? I mean, don't they realize we NEED these precious moments in our permanent databases?! My mind can only remember so much on its own!

Well, here's proof to all my distant, more than 24 hrs drive away, family (that's pretty much everyone these days) that Landon is in fact walking! He was happy until he realized with every step forward he took, I took one back... what kind of sick game is this mom?! *You (or at least your wife), will thank me for it someday bud. ;)

Take two.. BRIBERY! And although he isn't completely thrilled that the game isn't yet over, he at least finishes his part of it. Good job Landon!!! :)

*Truth be told, he took his first steps in November, but he is still more than content to get around by speed-crawling! It's about a 50/50 mix as of yet.

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