Sugar High

It takes a lot.. no really, a LOT of sugar to make me sick. So, exactly how much cookie dough did I consume thus far today? Lets just say, "enough". Enough to satisfy both mom and baby (who has been somersaulting with excess energy for about 2 hours now!).

Bailey and Hunter were quite the little helpers today, never leaving my side. Of course I'd like to think it's because they love me, but maybe it had a small something to do with the free reign of goodies that came along with the job - don't judge, it's Christmas!! ;)
Bailey was the most intent "sprinkler" I've ever seen! Good job honey! :)
As dad and Landon tried to rest in the other room, mom may have given the thumbs up to tackle dad amid their sugar high... ;)
We visited with Santa on Thursday as part of our preschool field trip. He was probably the best Santa I've ever seen... must be a grandpa!
And of course the kids got to play in the first snow yesterday, despite the 14 degree temperature outside!


  1. Erin I just have to say that you look absolutely amazing in the picture of you baking with the kids and skating with Bailey!! I LOVE your hair!
    I just hope that when I have more kids that I'm at least half as good of a mom as you!
    Miss you!

  2. Shortbread Nuggets....YUM!!! I'll be making mine this next week. Hopefully my kitchen helpers will be as excited as Bailey and Hunter were. Kisses to my adorable grandchildren!!!

  3. you look so happy and have that glow about you :) And I love your hair...!