Parents on Ice

This past Tuesday at Bailey's skating class, parents were invited on the ice for the last 30minutes. Bailey was SOOO excited to show me her new moves, and I was excited to test my new Christmas skates early - thanks Bailey, I LOVE them! :) She kept reminding me not to fall because I would hurt Peyton (I wonder where she got that idea... Brandon??). It was comical to see the roles reverse as she "mothered" me! It's a good thing there were no incidents because she probably would have taken responsibility for it.. or put me in time out indefinitely! ;) It was a LOT of fun even though I am quite rusty - has it really been 6 years since I did this last?! Shameful...

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  1. Erin your hair is getting so long! I love it! So that last video was priceless. I loved watching Bailey, but the kid getting dragged and thrown on the ice behind her was hilarious! I definitely was laughing out loud with no one here. I feel cool.