Let's go FISHING!!!

I'm not sure what it is about a toilet that gets a young child's heart to beat rapidly with excitement...

With Bailey, it was the plain old water that she couldn't wait to splash in. Hunter, well he preferred to go fishing... yeah... (as a matter of fact, Bailey still hasn't mastered the "FLUSH" aspect of the whole ordeal.. any suggestions?? I'm at a loss, seems kind of common sense to me!:P).

Then there's Landon... He prefers for US to do the fishing. I guess it's good he realizes human waste belongs in the toilet, but how do you teach a 16 month old that if it's in a diaper in the garbage, that's alright too?! I must admit, it's SOOO much funnier to watch someone else "go fishing" for a change! Thanks Brandon - SOOO glad you were home!!! ;D

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  1. lol oh man! that is too funny!! we have residents that flush diapers down the toilet, so I feel your pain/humor!! :)