School Pictures

A girlfriend of mine came over last week to take our individual and class pictures for preschool. Although I always knew she was talented, there's nothing like an adorable picture of your child to solidify your beliefs!:) Thanks again Sharon - you are of course, AMAZING!!!

It's crazy how much they change in one year. Here is our little diva Bailey:
And Hunter.. I just want to jump in this shot and squeeze him!
And of course Landon, who I don't believe you can take a bad picture of! LOVE that under the chin chub!!! :)
..I love pictures! (Accept of course when they're of me when I'm pregnant... hence, the class picture is NOT being posted today - yes, I may just be that insecure!) :)


  1. Super cute kids! Can't wait to see what #4 looks like!

  2. So adorable Erin! Thx for sharing....

  3. The photo are priceless.... Such cuties! Have a great day Erin (and by the way you always take a pretty picture pregnant or not!) :O)

  4. They are all so adorable. I can't believe how big they are all getting.