All in one day...

We woke up this morning not knowing exactly how much we would be accomplishing in only so many daylight hours! We started out with our sights set on touring San Francisco... on our way we stopped to visit Grandpa at work on the highway (he's California Highway Patrol). The kids LOVED his police truck and uniform.:) We then took our picnic lunch which we had grabbed from Safeway, and decided to eat it at the beach. By pure luck we happened upon the most perfect spot in the state for a PERFECT afternoon! The weather was about 80 degrees, sunny with blue skies and a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge.. the water wasn't too cold and there was only the slightest breeze! Both Bailey and Hunter enjoyed it this time.. it wasn't even painful getting wet!:)

After the beach, we made it to the city and toured the pier. We couldn't have asked for a more comfortable setting to our escapades.. it was wonderful! Bailey missed her nap but was SO excited by the seagulls, ships and sea lions that she didn't care in the slightest! We then headed to the Coast Guard base to visit Uncle Josh and Aunt Stephanie.. that was a treat for Brandon especially! I think he would have enlisted right then and there if I was a braver soul and could handle the stress of it!!! The day ended with a peaceful lakeside dinner after visiting Josh and Steph's new abode... does vacationing get any better than that?? What a day!!!:)

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  1. It looks likes you are having so much fun! We wish we could be there with you guys! We miss you!