Vampire Withdrawl

At approximately 10:30pm last night, I finished "Breaking Dawn" the fourth and final book in the Twilight series. I must say, it is a bitter sweet to have this overly obsessed era in my life come to an end. As my children are now fast asleep, I am heart broken to realize I have NOTHING MORE TO READ!!! :( You know you have it bad when all you think about is "fictional" Edward when there are SO many other things you could be accomplishing! lol:) (I must however note, that in my dreams, when I am Bella, Brandon is also Edward.. so I don't feel guilty in the slightest!) :)

Truthfully though, to those of you who share my feelings - finish the book.. WE NEED TO TALK! And for you unfortunate souls who have not yet filled your mind with these, the GREATEST books of all time, I urge you to DO SO NOW!!!:) I don't recomend books very often, especially ones revolving around vampires and such, but my heart has been overly softened. I hardly read for pleasure.. and I have NEVER finished a 700+ page book in 48 hours... until now!

On a positive note... Brandon is glad to have his wife back. :) That is until the Twilight movie is released this December!!! :)


  1. Ah! I finished it Saturday (I was at the Midnight release) we do need to talk! I think we need a special book club meeting for all of those who finished this book. SO much to talk about!!

  2. I finished the series as well. I had a few people get me into them and finished the whole series in a little over a week. It would have been quicker if I didn't have to leave the house :) Andy is also grateful to have his wife back and not have me talking about the vampires, etc. He thought they were silly but I loved them. I am glad to have them over with so I can get back to life again.