Beach Fun

We are currently enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather of Northern California, getting in our last vacation of the summer before preschool and Brandon's last semester starts!:) We took the kids to the beach on Monday and had a blast!!! The beaches in Northern Cali are FREEZING this time of year (I know... it's August right?!) and the whipping wind didn't help either! The combination of the two deterred Bailey from any real water interest, but not Hunter! The crazy kid made a beeline for the coast every chance he got!

Although we all had on fleece jackets, Bailey still managed to adopt her Aunt Stephanie's coat as well.. thanks again Steph! :) Hunter was all over the place - when he wasn't turning blue from the icy water, he was chasing the seagulls or climbing over driftwood.. you name it! It as one of those moments when you wish you could have a camera running the entire time. Weather and all, it was a GREAT day!:)

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