AND a website?!

First blogging, and now this! I created my very 1st website today while my kids were napping... SO fun!:) I've had a lot of people ask about Little Tykes Preschool's website, and now I FINALLY have one to share! It's a work in progress, so don't be too critical, but I was too excited to not pass it on!:) Here you go... http://www.littletykespreschool.com/ If nothing else, pretend to be AMAZED!!!:) (I may just have to shed a tear or two otherwise...:))


  1. Hi Erin it's Nicolle Mayo. I'm glad you're a blogger too. I love the new webiste! Shyanne is so excited to be going to preschool this year!

  2. Great job on your website! It is very impressive and I am not just saying that!