The New "Old Man"

I have been waiting ever so patiently for this day for what seems like FOREVER!!! Brandon has hit a milestone in his life... he is now, ofiicially, 30!!!:) Here are some pictures from the grand day, (8/22/2008):
Breakfast in bed was supposed to be a special treat just for daddy... the kids thought it would be more fun as a family event - I tried taking a picture with Hunter attacking Brandon's food too, but we had a mishap with the syrup.. oops ;)
Bailey was SO excited to opne presents that we ended up celebrating at 7am! Note the kids still in pajamas... Brandon on the other hand insisted on showering and combing his hair if I was going to attack him with the camera! (He even showered before his breakfast in bed picture... and you thought that was only a female trait?! lol).

Oh, and for those of you who have never played "Ticket to Ride".. you're missing out!!! It's like "Risk" without the hurt ego's in the end!:) *for those of you who don't know.. Brandon and I had to ban "Risk" from our marriage for the first year.. we were SO competetive that there were occassional tears and even a broken chair once! lol :)
Bailey and Brandon like to watch "The March of the Penguins" together.. she found this penguin puzzle with "a daddy penguin, and a Bailey penguin" and insisted he had to have it!
And of course our little line backer had to give dad a football movie!:)
And here is my first class attempt in keeping the old man young.. :) I don't think I've seen much of him since...
WOW!!! 30 and still as handsome as the day we met.. maybe even more so!:) Happy birthday Brandon - I love you!!!:)


  1. Nice pictures - get out from behind that camera, gorgeous, we need to see your pregnant belly!

    Lucky guy on the Wii. Joel and I both want one SO bad. I think everyone in the ward has them. The girls really like the Wii Fit package. The boys like everything else.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brandon! Looks like you were well taken care of, with breakfast in bed and lots of gifts....including a Wii! ENJOY!! We love you!!!

  3. So thats pretty much the coolest birthday gift ever "THE WII!"

  4. Yeah, Happy Birthday Brandon! All of these people turning 30, ah dang, I'll be 30 in January. Now I feel old!!!