Some may tell you my desire to host a neighborhood Easter Egg Party & Egg Hunt at our house just days before baby #6 was due to arrive was solely in attempt to induce labor.  If that is true, it is also a testament of how terribly stubborn my babies are because it didn't work!  But even at the end of the very swollen day I didn't regret one second of it!  We made some great new friends and had a BLAST!

Bunny hop sack races, tug-of-war, 3-legged races, egg & spoon relays, egg decorating and of course one monster egg hunt and plenty of food later, it was one crazy FUN day!
Charming C slept like a champ and missed out on the festivities but had fun relishing in all the spoils of the day afterwards.. and who can resist a baby with a mouthful of watermelon?!
"Really mom.. more pictures??"
As if that wasn't enough to squeeze into one day we then scrambled to dye eggs that evening (no pun intended..) :)
After the kiddos were all snug in their beds I went to work recreating one of our new traditions that we brought over from good ole Brazil - chocolate eggs!  Forget the bunnies, these babies are SO fun (see here: http://minutesformama.blogspot.com/2012/04/egg-hunt.html ).  Not to mention bunnies are scary sometimes.. just ask my kids.. When w stopped by Walmart on the way home from games the previous weekend we met the Easter bunny. He was creepy.  Channing agreed. After the photo Landon excitedly exclaimed, "I can't believe we met the real Easter bunny!" To which Peyton replies, "Landon - I looked in his eyes and there was a people in there." #sorrybuddyshesright #insertdejectedbigbrotherface
I bought an egg mold on amazon and stuffed each child's egg with a small toy surprise :)  Then the hubby and I went to town starting a new tradition - we had one colored roll of yarn for each child, tied it to the post of their bed and created a maze for them to follow leading them to, you guessed it, their baskets! It was SO fun living vicariously through them the next morning!  My pictures were fuzzy and horrible but you get the gist:
Unwrapping his egg :)
Chocolate eggs and Star Wars Legos.. does it get any better?!
Charming C was there too I promise ;)
Then before heading off to church we managed to squeeze in this beauty!  Talk about a productive 24hrs!!  Happy (belated) Easter everyone! :)

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