By living in Brazil for 2 years, we thought we were giving our kids experiences that would help to shape and mold them into culturally aware adults, and thereby give them a love and drive to explore all the wonderful places this world has to offer..  then we came back to the US.  I once thought we didn't have much in the way of deep rooted culture here.  Boy was I WRONG!  In order to re-experience what it means to truly be American, we took our kids to their first Texas Rangers game.  The entire drive over our kids shouted and bounced with excitement.  They were going to see a "real" baseball game!  As parents sometimes do, my husband and I exchanged loving glances and silent conversations applauding one another for what was bound to be a fun filled family evening!  And then it happened.  The 3 words that changed everything.  Three little words that made us realize what crummy American parents we really are.  "What IS baseball?"  The loving looks turned to stunned silence as we realized we were the shame of our country.  Americans who didn't know what baseball was.  That's a first!  So what's an American drop-out-parent to do??  Enroll your kids in Tball of course!  It's the only logical thing option..  

I'm not going to lie and say I dream about Yankee Stadium, would choose a to watch a game for anything other than social reasons, or even know 5 major leagues' names from any lineup, but THIS, watching my boys have a ball, (pun intended.. lol, I'm so funny.. ;)), this I could do all day! :)
Baseball.  It's serious business.. despite what little brothers may say.. ;)
The support section :)
Handsome H caught on very quickly!  Most often playing 1st and 3rd, and swinging like a pro, he was allll business out there!
Sir L was most often seen in outfield, his name being called countless times by coaches and assistants to be "baseball ready".  But his favorite part?  Crossing home plate.  In fact, he loved it so much he always managed to do it twice each time.  Such a talented boy! :) lol
With one great season under their belts, I think it's safe to say they are excited to play again very soon! :) And I'm happy to report that ALL of mu children know what baseball is.  Mission accomplished!
Of course we had to maintain balance, so Miss B started soccer this past season as well!  
Apparantly not many Americans know what soccer is because they enlisted my sweet husband to coach which is ironic because he's never played soccer a day in his life.  Americans were ok with this fact.  I think I just heard a Brazilian somewhere cry in agony of pain..
Attendance was poor so Miss B played on a co-ed team that consisted of many 4th grade boys.  She held her guns though and made mama proud!
It's WONDERFUL living close to family and having extra support for the kids!  It makes them feel like a million bucks! :)
..and it makes my photo sessions much easier having free hands! ;)
For his first coaching season, my man rocked it out!  The kids loved it and he received many requests to do it again next season.. we shall see ;)
I'm not going to lie - I miss the beaches terribly!  But Saturday games with the family is pretty sweet too! :)

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