May was just another fast paced month for us, but amidst the usual craziness some GREAT memories were made!  First and foremost, sweet Baby M came home with us! :)
3 days old and OH SO handsome! :D
Curly hair throwback to my childhood memories brought to you by none else than Grandma of course!
It was wonderful having my mom in town to help with the kids!  She was able to stay until Baby M was 6 days old.. it's true what they say - saying goodbye is hard to do! :(
1 1/2 weeks old :)
Handsome H presented me with a ceramic cupcake and card during his Mother's Day program at school.  Did I cry?  Yes I did.
 18 days old :) - they change SO much in the first couple of weeks!
Sir L's last day of preschool and pool party to celebrate was so much fun!  It was an incredible year for him!
The woman who made it all possible :)  Princess P is SO excited to attend her class this coming year!
My super sweet and amazingly smart hubby presented me with the BEST present ever!  Love LOVE my Wusthoff knives! :D
Just a little bortherly love :)
Sir L officially joined the gap-tooth-grin club.. he smiled obediently though he really wasn't quite sure how he felt about it all!
With so much to do, one month flies by SUPER fast!  Baby M at one month and getting cuter by the minute!
..even when he is tired of having his picture taken! ;)

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