Names & Blessings

Each of my kids has had a name carefully selected for them.  Their first names were just ones we liked, but their middle names are more meaningful.

Miss B has my middle name, Elizabeth.  Handsome H has his father's middle name, Glade.  Sir L has his Grandpa De Groot's middle name, Norris.  Princess P is named after my best friend from high school, who's nickname was Bre.  Charming C was born in Sao Paulo, so we gave him a Brazilian middle name, Luiz.  And Baby M was named after his daddy's brother, and has his middle name of Scott.

Originally we were going to stop naming our kids after someone (or something) after our first daughter and our first son, breaking the tradition with #3 Sir L, giving him the middle name Steel because I thought it sounded cool ;)  Then he unexpectedly came 3 weeks early on my dad's birthday and that changed everything, and I am SO glad it did!  It is such an amazing thing to be able to explain to our kids why we chose their name and have it go deeper than "we thought is sounded cool".  And so it was with our sweet Baby M.

With 4 boys in the house, I have seen some pretty tender brotherly moments.  As a woman I always figured the need to have a lifetime bond was more of a female trait, and put more emphasis on my girls and their sisterly relationship over my boys and theirs.  That all changed when we moved to Texas, 15 minutes down the road from my husband's brother, his sweet wife and their 6 children.  Seeing my husband with his brother, strengthening that bond that I don't think he ever realized he needed until now, has been such a rewarding thing to see.  They are as different as night and day (and not just in appearances!), but that doesn't  seem to matter at all!  It helped me realize that I need to encourage my boys to have strong bonds as well, and not just my girls.  Despite whatever differences may arise between them, the day will come when they are all wise enough to realize they can each benefit from one another, regardless of history or birth order.  And who better to help you reach your potential than your brother?  Hence, our sweet Marshall was given the middle name Scott, after his Uncle Brian Scott Hooley, in hopes that someday the story of his dad and his dad's brother, their relationship and individual as well as collective strength, will give him resolve to always stay close with his brothers.  I am so thankful that for his blessing, both his father and his Uncle were there and worthy to participate in this special and sacred day!
Baby M and Grandma R, the mother of the brothers :)
Having family close is made all the more fun with cousins to play with!
Even Bella has a playmate when we get together! :)
And when you've warn out your dad with sweet talk, there's always an Uncle you can try out.. ;)
These two are truly fantastic!  Texas just wouldn't be "home" without them!
Proof that I was there that day.. in all my awkwardness..
..but that runs in the family too it seems..
Despite the lack of sandy beaches, mountains and visual seasons, there is no doubt in my mind that we are where we need to be right now.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I have inherited a pretty great one!  And because of that, despite whatever this world throws at us, this little man (and ALL my children for that matter), are going to be just fine!


  1. SO GLAD you have Brian and Melissa, and their sweet children, nearby! LOVED each of the pictures! Sure wish we could have been there to celebrate Marshall's blessing with you all, but grateful you had so much family there! Love you bunches!!!

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