Marshall Scott

After MUCH anticipation and many months of "Mommy is he coming out TODAAAY?!", he FINALLY came! :)  Our sweet Marshall Scott Hooley arrived at 2:40pm on April 30th, weighing a healthy 8lbs 15oz and measuring 21" long.  Our biggest Hooligan by far!  Regardless of how many times we've been through this, the moment they enter this earth outside the womb, take their first breath, cry their first little cry, and are placed in my arms for the first time will never get old.  It is the most incredible experience in the world.  I feel so blessed to have been able to be a witness to this miracle six precious times.
 The proud parents :)
Best. Nurse. Ever.
We have been fortunate to never have dealt with jealousy amoungst our kids when a new baby arrives.. accept when it isn't our turn to hold him ;)
Charming C was carefully restrained by daddy.. at 15 months his knowledge of "gentle love" is quite limited!
It's amazing how after only a few brief moments, we already couldn't imagine our lives without this sweet boy.  Our sweet Baby M :)

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