Color Me BROWN

Not sure what a "brown" mood is, but I must be in one today since I unconsciously dressed all 3 of my kids in it! ..and when a crazy coincidence like this happens, it's only natural to snap a few shots in the yard right?? ;) It's too bad Brandon and I aren't in these.. and Landon's pants don't match.. because I would totally use these for our Christmas cards this year!
Not completely, but I can almost see why people ask if they are triplets sometimes.. lol!

Look at this little cheeser! I told her to do a silly face and her reply was, "Mom, princesses know how to smile beautiful for pictures all the time." lol, well okay then! ;)
I couldn't get Hunter to stand still long enough to get a real smile out of him...
He thought it was more fun to chase me around the yard trying to kiss me! I love this kid! :)

..and then there's Landon. Quite possibly the EASIEST kid ever to photograph! I only needed one shot and this was it! :)

Call me baised, but my word these kids are cute!!! ;)


  1. cute pics! Are you loving the actual presence of a Fall season?! We didn't get that in AZ! Now that I've experienced Fall, I don't think I ever want to live w/out it again!

  2. I love getting your Christmas card every year Erin (you'll have to get my new addy soon!) And your kids are dang cute!