Pumpkins AND a package!

One of our local grocery chains (VG's) had a "FREE PUMPKINS" promotion for kids 12 and under who would color a Halloween picture to be posted in the store. They insisted that Landon "color" a picture too so he wouldn't feel left out which I thought was pretty cute! ;) The kids were MORE than willing to color - which they would have done without an added incentive - for a pumpkin of their choice! They carried them in their car seats (minus Landon) the entire way home. Once we pulled in, we noticed a package on the doorstep from Grandma De Groot which was filled with presents for Landon's upcoming birthday, and Halloween goodies and shirts for all of them. Bailey and Hunter were besides themselves, "Hunter.. can you believe it?! Pumpkins AND a package?! Isn't this a great day?? This is a really great day!" "Mommy, can we wear our new shirts and take a picture with our pumpkins to show Grandma? It would make her SOOO happy. She's my special girl, and she misses me SO much!" ...how do you say no to that?! So, this one's for you Grandma! ;)
My word... I think I have trouble in store with this one! Look at that face!!! Welp, time to invest in a shot gun for Brandon... ;P
Hunter wasn't all that into sitting STILL for a shot yet again, so.. this is the best we have for now! :) ..I don't know about you, but I still want to just maul these two with kisses!!! LOVE boys I do!!! :)


  1. You're post completely tore at my heart strings. Bailey is right, Grandma misses her SOOOO much (and Hunter and Landon, too!)!!! LOVE the pictures! LOVE all of you! Hugs and kisses for everyone!!!

  2. Aw what cute pictures! I must say that I'm jealous that it feels like Fall there it's still in the 90's here! Tell Bailey hi from Shyanne :)

  3. Love ALL the photos, Erin, including the shots from Grandma and Grandpa DeGroot's house. I hadn't seen the one of Dad out back with Bailey and Hunter. Too cute!