Spicer Orchards

We went on a field trip to Spicer Orchards yesterday for preschool. The kids LOVED it!!! We went on a tractor hayride to the apple orchards and each kid got to pick their own apples.. these were no ordinary apples either - they're like large grapefruits! and SOOO good! :)

Here are some of the kids from my class this year - GREAT kids!!!
We then rode over to a pumpkin patch where they got their own pumpkins. Hunter was more than thrilled with his choice! ;)
Bailey took a while to find the "perfect" pumpkin, but alas she did! :)

As if that wasn't enough we then had hot dougnuts and freshly made cider.. no words.. :) They also had a HUGE play area which the kids loved as well! Overall, a GREAT day!!!


  1. That looks like so much fun we'll have to go to the apple orchard. I think the closest one is in Wilcox

  2. We loved going to Spicers last year! I think only a few kids got taken down by other kids on the zip line when we were there, I hope everyone in your class survived the zip line!